About us

We make offsetting carbon easy and affordable by working with businesses that people use as part of their day-to-day activity. Whether it be internet shopping, taking journeys – long or short – sending parcels or eating out, we make it easy to Offset….Everyday!
But how does your decision to offset lead to savings in carbon?

Everyday Offset is a trading name of ClearGreen Ventures Ltd, a limited company based in UK. ClearGreen Ventures Limited designs and manages energy and carbon schemes. We develop distribution strategies to maximise consumer reach, often via the marketing channels of familiar brands such as retailers or membership organisations.

Since our launch in 2010, we have been very successful and have had a material impact in energy and carbon conservation. Our programmes have saved 3 million tonnes of carbon, 100 billion litres of water p.a. and 1,320 GWh in energy p.a.

Everyday Offset aims to make it easy for consumers to make a positive impact on the environment. We understand that people want to do the right thing, but have busy lives. We also think that in the past the concept of carbon offsetting has not been clearly explained to people and as a result there is some confusion.

Our research shows that a majority of people are willing to offset the carbon from their everyday activities if it is easy to do so, simply explained and not too expensive. We also know that there are some people who do not want to do this, or think it is the responsibility of manufacturers or retailers. That is OK too – with Everyday Offset the decision is yours.

To make carbon offsetting simple we have broken it down into manageable “chunks”, covering small but frequent activities such as shopping. We have therefore partnered with organisations that share our vision, brands that are trusted by you as you use them regularly. By doing this, carbon offsetting becomes an accessible, easy part of your daily life.