Reduce your Footprint...

More and more people are choosing to minimise their carbon footprint by...

  • Reducing unnecessary waste
  • Reusing everyday items
  • Recycling at home and at work

...Offset the rest...

Despite our best intentions, we can’t avoid having some impact. Offsetting is a good way of addressing our remaining carbon footprint, from everyday activities such as journeys or deliveries for online shopping.

...and make a difference together

Everyday Offset invests in carbon reduction projects around the world that are monitored to exacting standards to ensure quality. Collectively, your Everyday Offsets make a significant contribution to funding these projects.

Why offset?

There is a huge body of evidence to suggest that the global climate is warming as a direct result of mans actions - specifically the growing concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. Recently the United Nations' climate panel (the IPCC) announced that they are 95% certain that humans have been the dominant case of global warming since the 1950s. The impact of warmer temperatures will be catastrophic to the global population, with an increased incidence of extreme weather events and a reduced ability to produce food.

It is not the objective of Everyday Offset to detail the evidence or to persuade people one way or the other. We do however want to provide a simple way for people to make a personal choice about their response to global warming.

Carbon offsetting is like recycling. Just as recycling saves energy and reduces waste, offsetting is a way to reduce the impact of our daily life by funding “matched” reductions elsewhere. This does not excuse wastefulness or mean that we can act irresponsibly with the earth’s resources as long as we offset! Carbon offsetting is a way of taking a responsible attitude to address as much of our carbon footprint as we can.

Our message is therefore...

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle ... and for the rest OFFSET!

See our carbon calculator to better understand your carbon footprint

How to minimise our impact on the environment

Experts suggest we should follow three simple steps to minimise our impact on the environment and reduce our carbon footprint:

1.      Reduce (the materials and energy that we use)

2.      Reuse (anything that we can)

3.      Recycle (anything that we cannot reuse)

Before we consider spending money on offsetting our carbon we should consider the wide range of simple activities we can do in the home to reduce our carbon footprint. Not only does this have a positive impact on the environment, it can be an easy way to save money on household bills.